Social Work Jokes and Fun
If we can't take a break and laugh a little, we are headed toward burn-out! For social workers,
expecially a little humor can be a life-saver. We have collected some jokes and fun sites about
social workers and about subjects of interest to social workers and those in the helping

All About Web Humor
"Every workplace has that one guy—the guy who always finds the weird video on the net and
instant messages it around the office to everyone (except the boss). The guy who sends out
mass emails that are ACTUALLY funny. The guy whose funny Web finds seem to eat up about
half your afternoon.

Well... I'm that guy. And why not? I like being that guy. The list of websites I comb through every
morning is well into the thousands. I like sitting through hundreds of bad, awful, unfunny Web
videos because I know that eventually I'm going to find one truly hilarious one.

And if I can find that stuff before everyone else and deliver it straight to you? Even better. I wade
through all the muck on the Web and find the gems so you don't have to."

Continuing Education  
A just for fun CE Course: Healing humor.
Your office walls are lined with motivational posters, your supervisor has a motivational
calendar... but have you seen "de-motivational" products. This is hilarious! I just love their

Can You Spot the Fake Smile?
This experiment is designed to test whether you can spot the difference between a fake smile
and a real one. It has 20 questions and should take you 10 minutes. It is based on research by
Professor Paul Ekman, a psychologist at the University of California.

Community Care's Top 10
Top 10 Social Work Jokes

Evaluation of Humour in Emergency Work
Emergency work can be distressful, but in recent years there has also been a growing number
of publications which recognise the positive aspects experienced by emergency workers. This
paper identifies humour as a coping strategy which contributes to emergency workers'
adjustment to difficult, arduous and exhausting situations. We argue that humour enhances
communication, facilitates cognitive reframing and social support, and has possible physical
benefits. The authors believe an important delineation needs to be made between a healthy
use of humour and humour that is used to mask feelings in a way that will cause later distress.
A humorous approach to the burnout issue.

Good Clean Funnies
GCFL is a web page and mailing list for distributing one GOOD, CLEAN joke a day, five days a
week, for free! They hope you will enjoy a joke in the morning before the start of your day that
you will love to share with your family and friends.

Google Images
Social Work joke images via Google.

Happy Shrink
Posts by the shrink with a New York twist, message board and lots more. You will love his
answers to supposed posters questions. You will laugh when you find out that he's a social

Have Fun with Resignation Letters
Guarantee a stylish and dignified exit by using one of these template resignation letters.

How Hot is it in Hell?
A supposed social work joke.

Jokes about economics and economists. Great site!

Joke Books and Humor
From knock knock books for kids to jokes for public speakers. Laugh your way through our

Managed Care Jokes
If you work in health care, use health care or just want to read some good on over!

Mental Health Humor
From a Social Worker in Boulder. Quite an extensive listing, this is!

Punctuation - Tell 'em off!
A little communication skills lecture that will help you say what you really mean in your e-mails
without anyone reading between the lines!

Tons of jigsaw puzzles to do right on line. Or, if you have a photo or clipart, make your own
puzzle! You have to try this just once...very innovative.
Enjoy your favorite Peanuts characters, send a postcard or a comic strip. Charles Schultz lives

Social Work and Care Manger Jokes
Ok, and how many social workers DOES it take to screw in a light bulb?

The Dilbert Zone
You gotta love him. If you don't its because the jokes just hit a little too close to home!
Articles which spoof real news, off the wall editorials, etc. Looks like a real newspage..but look
again! It's not! Be aware of "offensive language" issues, but the humor is good. Social Work Jokes
A social worker asks a colleague: "What time is it?"
The other one answers: "Sorry, don't know, I have no watch."
The first one: "Never mind! The main thing is that we talked about it."
Social Work Jokes and Fun
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